Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Different social systems, governments and cultures can be a limitation to create your own ways of working

Yesterday the Secretariat Office in Chiang Mai, Thailand, had the opportunity to welcome a visiting group from the HomeAIDS Organization from China which Ian recommended.

Together we visited the Ta Wangtan Community in Saraphi District and Pimjai's Community Health Project in Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai. We learned from the communities, but also learned a lot from each other. One thing that I got out of the discussions with the HomeAIDS group is a better understanding of the different social system, government and culture in Thailand and in China. The Chinese were amazed to hear that many communities in Thailand build up their own group to work together independently without any support from the government. In China, everything has to be done under the government control. This illustrates how the social system, government and culture can be a limitatin to the development of local responses even if you have the capacities to do so many good things.

To strengthen local responses we need the freedom to create and show our competence through our ways of working.

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