Friday, November 11, 2005

Network discusses Vulnerability

In the month of October 2005 the members of the Aids Competence network discussed the issue of identifying and addressing vulnerability. Contributions from 18 members were rich and diverse.

The members worked on a definition of 'vulnerability' and argued whether we should address individuals, groups or both. The definition that covers all comments comes from the Red Cross Federation, and was sent in by Bernard Gardiner: Vulnerability is the characteristics of a person or group in terms of their capacity to anticipate, cope with, resist and recover from the impact of natural or man-made hazards.

Many members shared examples of how their institution or country assesses vulnerability, internal and external. Main conclusion for the Aids Competence Group: Communities are able to identify and address their own vulnerability.

However, little practical experience was shared on actions which lead to less vulnerability. Given the importance of the issue, the network will exchange on practices to reduce vulnerability in about six months.

The synthesis of this exchange was compiled by network members Jean-Louis Lamboray, Jane Macharia, Onesmus Mlewa and Marlou de Rouw, and is available on the Aids Competence eWorkspace.
If you want to join this electronic platform, send a message to

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