Friday, September 02, 2005

Aids Competence Network sythesises the learning

"I want to say that I am indeed enjoying this exercise and though it was my first time to synthesize notes from such a forum, I hope I will be able to do much better in future", Onesmus Mlewa wrote to me this week. " I loved the experience to not only participate but learn from others views", was the reaction from Jane Macharia.

With four members of the Aids Competence network we have been working on the synthesis of the first discussion round on the AIDS Competence eWorkspace.
Onesmus Mlewa (Kenya), Marcelle Vitral de Oliveira (Brasil) and Jane Macharia (Kenya) reacted immediately after I had posted a request for help in the platform. We all reviewed the contributions to the discussion and wrote down individually ten points we learned from them. When we shared what we learned individually, we soon realised that together we were learning more!
A synthesis of our lessons resulted in the beginning of a Knowledge Asset. We then divided tasks in writing down examples and quotes that demonstrate our lessons. And we added references such as websites, reports and email addresses for people who want to find out more.

The result of our groups work is a nice Knowledge Asset. A work in progress that should be refined by the network on the basis of more experiences.

The Knowledge Asset is available on the Aids Competence eWorkspace. If you want to join this platform please send a message to

Many thanks to Onesmus, Marcelle and Jane!


It's just wonderful to follow the energy, commitment and level of collaboration of many eWS members. I trust we will learn more and more as we grow, which in return will help AIDS Competence spread faster than the virus!
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