Thursday, August 18, 2005

Connecting local responses electronically

This summer we revived the electronic discussion on Aids Competence. Now, more than 200 people, living and working in all continents are connected through the Aids Competence eWorkspace. The group links coaches for aids competence, people who are actively implementing the process and those who want to learn more.
The communication started with a warm introduction round, where members introduced themselves. Then, people suggested topics (burning issues) for discussion rounds. This week we are ending the first round where the exchange is around the Aids Competence Process and tools. We are learning a lot from experiences in countries as Thailand, Norway and Kenya. Also, there are questions about and suggestions for adaptation of the Self Assessment framework.

Everyone striving for Aids Competence in his working place, family, city, country is welcome to join us on ews. You can subscribe through or send an email to .

Malaria Competence also electronic
Representatives of 10 countries who participated in the Malaria Competence workshop in Mombasa in July received an invitation to join a Malaria Competence platform on Yahoo upon their return. From the moment they were back at their computers they continued their friendship and the work they had started - now virtually. They share their experiences in implementing the process and support eachothers effort. This week they start refining the knowledge assets they worked on in Mombasa.

Marlou, it's just amazing to follow how many people are joining our journey on the electronic platforms. When our workshops and meetings are over the sharing of knowledge and learning simply continues...
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