Thursday, August 25, 2005

ACP in Uganda

Jennie van de Weerd is working on Aids Competence in Uganda. This week she shared the Uganda experience on the Aids Competence eWorkspace. Please enjoy learning from her contribution below.


The AIDS Competence Process

Combining learning from local responses to HIV/AIDS with the knowledgemanagement expertise and the experience of human capacity development,the AIDS Competence Process (ACP) has been designed for various groups and organisations to build on their existing strengths to respond.
The ACP was adopted by UAC/NADIC to strengthen explicit learning from local responses both between partners at the same levels, as well as to learn from grassroots experience based on its conviction that groups have the ability to respond and can lead the response themselves.

The AIDS Competence assessment allows groups to self-assess their level of performance in ten practices for AIDS Competence, and then set targets for the improvement of specific practices. Access to comprehensive services for prevention and care are among the practices assessed. By comparing their levels of performance with others', they identify those with whom they might exchange insights from experience. By capturing experience and offering advice this shared knowledge can be reused by others. The AIDS Competence Assessment has so far been used in Uganda by UAC, UNASO, NAFOPHANU, AMICAALL, Concern Worldwide, IRCU and the SCEs for Line Ministries and Media, Culture and Arts. Furthermore, ACP was introduced to the district AIDS Focal Persons ofthe UACP districts and during the local action planning for the GLIA Refugee component.

Why did partners in Uganda use is the tool?

To identify what knowledge we have to share, and what we want to learnfrom others. This will assist a mutual referral and support system.
To generate information that groups can use for planning their(network) activities.
To build partnerships between the different partners in the AIDS response.
To assess our degree of AIDS Competence and set specific targets forimproving practices for AIDS Competence.
To raise awareness.

How was the AIDS Competence Assessment tool used?

In Uganda the tool has been used by community groups, by CSO and PHA networks, by individual organisations, by district teams consisting of PHA, NGO and Local / Municipality Government representatives. Assessments were done covering all Ugandan district as well as several Self Coordinating Entities from the Partnership at the National level.

Jennie van de Weerd
UNAIDS Adviser to the Uganda AIDS Commission Decentralized Response and Knowledge Management

Knowledge is power, but sharing information is progress.

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