Thursday, May 26, 2005

Connecting to foster AIDS Competence

This week five members of the Constellation for AIDS Competence and one guest met and connected in Chiang Mai. We came together to discuss two project proposals but ended up working most of the time on a measurement framework for local responses.

It was at this moment that I really started to understand the value of getting members of the Constellation (that all work in different organisations around the world) to meet, connect and have a working session every time they travel. If we try to make it a principle to meet up with Constellation members each time we are in a different country we will really be able to bring local responses to a new level and achieve the mindshift in social and development work that we are aiming at.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Skyping through our first electronic Membership Meeting eMM

Yesterday we had our first electronic Membership Meeting (eMM) with participants in 5 locations around the world. What an adventure! Kigali, Bangkok, Geneva, London and Nairobi seemed to be only a stone's through away from each other... But in addition to Skype, the free online telephony that allowed us to connect over the Internet, it was our belief in the power of AIDS Competence that brought us together on the Web.

To me it was a wonderful experience to see some of us "technophobes" overcome the technical hurdles of hooking-up to Skype in order to bring AIDS Competence a step further. It was great to hear the voices of our friends and to share the latest development and advice as regards the set-up of the Constellation. If technology can't stop, us nothing can ;-)

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