Thursday, March 31, 2005

A day with the Knowledge Management Institute in Bangkok

Bangkok, March 31, 2005

What an incredible experience!

Pr. Vicharn Panich, Director of the Thai Knowledge Management Institute (KMI) invited me to observe and comment on a one day workshop on knowledge management organised by an organisation dedicated to participatory planning by Thai subdistricts.

Even if I could not understand everything, the whole process was familiar. Participant groups from all over the country developed their own self assessment instrument in a matter of a few hours, and proceded with using it right away. And a few hours later, here was the river diagram based on the self assessment of the various participant groups, representing what each could learn from others and what experience they could share.

Seeing the KMI team at work, I could see how its vision -" To engineer the whole Thai society into K- Based Society"- was connected to its way of working. And I was overwhelmed with joy, as I could see how participants were using and adapting for their own needs the instruments we had developed in the UNAIDS/UNITAR AIDS Competence Program.

I am reminded of what Usa Duongsaa, learning facilitator in the Constellation once told me: "The AIDS pandemic has made terrible damages in this part of the world, but our response is improving our society".

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